See the Museum’s Yellowstone Art Exhibit—Only through September

Time is running short for you to experience the Yellowstone Gateway Museum’s summer art exhibit, Exploring Yellowstone through Art. It will only be on display only through September 30 in Livingston.

Beautifully displayed in the museum’s Expedition Room, the art represents Yellowstone National Park on aesthetic and emotional levels. Looking at the exhibit’s diverse collection of artwork submitted by 34 local artists—there is a delightful balance between subjects. About half of the paintings depict wildlife—oft times in their pristine park environments. Many paintings are lovely interpretations of the park’s picturesque splendor—thermal features, landscapes, flora, watery or snowy scenes. Some paintings depict humans interacting in some way with the park.

Mediums chosen by the artists include oil, oil encaustic, acrylic, watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil, and stained glass.

Each work of art evokes an emotional response from the viewer. As an added bonus, short stories of each artist’s inspiration are included, helping the visitor get to know the artist, if only a little. The love of the artists for the park is exemplified by two of their statements: Artist Bob Newhall wrote, “Painting in Yellowstone connects me to its unbroken past.” Artist Nataliia Wise admitted her “gratitude for being able to immerse myself in this uniquely preserved natural place.”

We’re grateful for all of the artists who participated in this summer’s exhibit, sharing their works of art and also the stories of what moves them to paint Yellowstone subjects. Featured in the exhibit are the works of Margaret Bach, Linda Barnsley, Paul Boruff, Maude Bottler, Janie Camp, Lynn Bickerton Chan, Monte Dolack, Dan Downing, Gianna Dryer, Leigh Anne Dunworth, Pamela Earleywine, Megan Galindo, Doris Davis Gallagher, Elenor Graf, Kelly Hartman, Betsey Hurd, Shirl Ireland, Marsha Karle, Anastasia Kierst, Katie Mahony, Mimi Matsuda, Bob Newhall, Tonja Opperman, Katherine Potter, Puci, Tom L. Roberts, Bob Spannring, Gilaine Spoto, Lyn St.Clair, Noelle Sullivan, C. David Swanson, Christine Tiscione, Paul Tunkis, Nataliia Wise.

For more information, please contact Karen at 222-4184. The Yellowstone Gateway Museum is located at 118 W. Chinook in Livingston. We’re open six days a week, Monday through Saturday, from 10-5.