Twice Told on the Upper Yellowstone, #3



Spiral-bound, original edition (2000). 105 pages.

Doris Whithorn, historian and compiler of these stories, chose a red cover for this book because it deals with murders. The first story chronicles attempted murder in the Jardine mining district, but eight other stories tell of horrible and gruesome deeds.

Characters (and places) who figure prominently in this book include Harry and Ada Bush (Jardine), George Mack and Charles Huntsman (Gardiner), John Tracy and Chris Anderson (Horr), Lizzie West and John Webster (Aldridge), Robert E. “Buckskin Jim” Cutler and Alex Hill (Gardiner); James and Mabell Zimmerman (Dailey), 15-year-old Helen Wells and John Roach (Fridley), Richard Meyer and Henry Nelson (Mill Creek), and Martin Zidmair and George Reider (Trail Creek).

A Wan-I-Gan Press publication.

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Dimensions 8.5 × 11 in