Megafauna: Ice Age to Our Age Exhibit

gafauna: Ice Age to Our Age Exhibit at Yellowstone Gateway Museum

A visitor taking in our Columbian mammoth exhibit

A visitor taking in our Columbian mammoth exhibit

A new exhibit explores the last Ice Age in the Park County, Montana area and the megafauna that lived here, including the Columbian mammoth. Visitors can learn about the climate at that time, mammoth biology and behavior, and possible theories that led to megafauna extinction. A full-size, more than thirteen-foot-tall Columbian mammoth and its habitat is depicted in a mural painted by volunteer artist Kris Walker—an impressive backdrop to the museum’s mammoth and bison artifacts and a great photo opportunity for museum goers.

There are several megafauna species that existed during the last Ice Age that still exist today, including bears, wolves, coyotes, and bison. In addition, various bison species are discussed.

The exhibit is on the top floor landing of the Yellowstone Gateway Museum, 118 W. Chinook St., Livingston, Montana. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm, through September 4. Please visit the museum’s website,, or call 406-222-4184, for more information.