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The Bill and Doris Whithorn Online Database of historical photographs compiled and reproduced by the Whithorns. The collection dates back to the 1870s.

Doris Whithorn Curator Collection. Manuscripts, photographs, papers, audio-visual materials, and other research materials.

Ellery Christian Collection. A compilation of more than fifty books that cover various Park County and Montana topics, primarily based on newspaper clippings and published books.

The Geyser Collection, Park County High School’s newspaper. 

KPRK (radio station) Collection.  Business records from 1946-2017. Some audio-visual materials, radio station objects and equipment, and photographs.

Livingston Community Trust Collection. A Burlington Northern Railroad grant funded the charitable trust in 1986. This collection includes business records of this non-profit trust and applications from non-profit organizations from 1986-2017.

Montana School Annuals. These include Gardiner and Shields Valley High Schools' yearly publications.

Neal and Goddard Family Collection. Family papers spanning four generations of the Whitley, Neal, Cole, and Goddard families.

Northern Pacific Railway and Burlington Northern Railroad CollectionMaterials document  railroad operations in Livingston and surrounding areas primarily from the 1900s through the 1980s with some from the 1880s to 1900. Warren McGee, Jerry Maykuth, and numerous other railroad employees donated archival materials, including photographs, and objects.

Northern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Amtrak, and Other Railroads Research Collection. This research collection documents Warren McGee’s passion for the trains, railroad companies, and their history. Fellow railroad workers and enthusiasts, including Jerry Maykuth, donated materials to the museum, which are included in this collection. McGee's rail excursions across the country, related travel documents, brochures, and souvenirs are included. Audio-visual materials are also in this collection.

Here's our railroad publications list.

Park County Family History CollectionAlso includes histories of Park County individuals and histories of other Montana and Western region families and individuals.

Park County Voting Registers 

Park High School Annuals. Yearly publications of Park High School, Livingston, Montana.

Sax and Fryer Collection. Photographs from late 1880s to 2012, audio-visual materials, objects, and more.

Thomas Ray Collection. Memorabilia from Ray who served in World War I. 

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