Robin Lovec and students during Fort Parker Days.

Robin Lovec and students during Fort Parker Days.

Ed Dodge, center, and his wife Audrey, right, help museum visitors “water witch.”

Sabine MacInnes and Paul Shea during Living History Day, held each June.

Sarah Chaney voting for her favorite Chair exhibit chair.

The Friends of the Yellowstone Gateway Museum’s mission is “To support the Yellowstone Gateway Museum of Park County, serving as museum ambassadors, fundraisers, and volunteers.”

FYGM is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.

Kate Todd, President

Kate Todd was born in Massachusetts, raised in Michigan, and studied English and history at Michigan State University and Portland State. She’s lived in Montana since 1989 and in Livingston since 1998. Kate was president of the Park County Friends of the Arts and also creates folk art. She looks forward to event planning and fundraising for the museum.

Sara Chaney, Vice President

Sara Chaney’s great-grandparents came to Montana around 1900; she has always felt connected to her roots and has been interested in history for as long as she can remember. Sara’s passion for history led her to earn a B.A. in History from the University of Montana. She became a certified acupuncturist partly because oriental medicine is based on more than 3,000 years of history and experience.

Paul Shea, Treasurer

Paul Shea began as Director of the museum in 2009, after serving ten years as Executive Director of the newly formed Yellowstone Historic Center in West Yellowstone, Montana.  He has quickly learned the history of this area and conducts research, gives interpretive programs, manages volunteers, and spearheads fundraising. Paul has been a member of the Museums Association of Montana since 2000, serving on the Board of Directors for ten years, four years as President.

Judy Bonnell

Judy Bonnell is a lifetime Park County resident and a retired bookkeeper. She cares deeply about the history and the people of Park County.

Ed Dodge

Edward Dodge is a lifelong Park County resident. He retired after 34 years as a railroad machinist, mechanic, and welder; he is often asked to help with building and fabrication projects for the museum.  Ed enjoys outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting.

Robin Lovec

Robin Lovec is a Livingston native who currently teaches fifth grade with over twenty-five years of experience. She was awarded the Montana History Teacher of the Year in 2009. A decade ago, after attending the first Indian Education for All conference, she began collaborating with the Yellowstone Gateway Museum. This partnership was so successful that their efforts were applauded by the Smithsonian’s Museum of the American Indian.

Sabine MacInnes

Sabine MacInnes moved to Livingston from Texas in 2016. She enjoys the museum’s amazing artifacts and photos, which helps her learn about the people and stories of Livingston and the surrounding area. Sabine is a Registered Nurse at Livingston Health Care.

Mike Palmer

Mike Palmer has lived in Park County for twenty-five years, mostly near Bozeman Pass. He especially enjoys fishing, floating, and riding his ATV in the mountains. Mike is on the board because he values learning from history and “history in Montana is so recent that you still feel a part of it.” As a board member, he likes to give back to the community. Mike spent 30 years as a structural iron worker, building high-rise buildings and big bridges.

Hank Poeschl

Hank Poeschl grew up in Livingston. He recently retired from the railroad where he worked 38 years as a brakeman and machinist. Hank enjoys hunting and fishing, gardening, and local theater productions. He joined the Friends board because he believes that it’s important to preserve history and to give back to the community.

Karen (curator), Kate, and Sabine, West Creek Ranch workshop.

Members of both boards after moving bison into the museum. L to R: Bob Ebinger, Ed Dodge, Andy Olds, Paul Shea, Mike Palmer, and Jem Blueher.

Members of both boards after moving bison into the museum. L to R: Bob Ebinger, Ed Dodge, Andy Olds, Paul Shea, Mike Palmer, and Jem Blueher.

Judy Bonnell holding up Friends" publication, "History of Park County 1984" while working at the front desk.

Judy Bonnell holding up Friends’ publication, “History of Park County 1984,” while working at the front desk.