Exploring Yellowstone through ART—Yellowstone Gateway Museum seeks submissions

The Yellowstone Gateway Museum in Livingston is seeking submissions for its “Exploring Yellowstone through ART” exhibit to be displayed from May 1-September 30, 2015. Past or current residents of Park County, Montana, as well as Yellowstone National Park, may submit one work of art in any medium, including sculpture. Size may not exceed 25 inches. Artwork must be of Yellowstone or be inspired in some way by the park; a brief story explaining the artist’s inspiration for the work of art is encouraged and may be included in the exhibit. DEADLINE: April 1, 2015.

Yellowstone has a long history of inspiring artists from around the world. Before the park was created, artist Thomas Moran, along with photographer William H. Jackson, documented the wonders of the park, helping build support for its preservation. Since the creation of Yellowstone National Park in 1872, thousands of artists have followed in their footsteps, finding inspiration from the park’s wild places and wildlife. This relationship of beauty and the desire to interpret it will continue to enthrall artists, young and old, far into the future.

The museum invites local artists, past and present, to become part of Yellowstone history by submitting artwork for this upcoming exhibit. Artists and their interpretation are an important part of the documented history of this area. Please help the museum reach out to artists who no longer live in Park County by spreading the word about this special exhibit. Artwork will be on display in the Expedition Room of the museum, on the second floor.

The museum is happy to include an artist’s contact information, including web site, with the displayed artwork so that an interested party may contact the artist directly regarding the purchase of a piece. No artwork may be removed from the museum exhibit until after September 30, 2015.

The museum will circulate more information regarding the exhibit’s opening on May 1 as the date gets closer. Please contact Karen Reinhart at kreinhart@parkcounty.org or call 406-222-4184 for more details. The Yellowstone Gateway Museum is located at 118 W. Chinook, Livingston, MT.