Staff members have developed four teaching trunks, available for checkout to schools.These trunks explore the history of Park County as interpreted through the traditional lifeways of native people. Each trunk is packed with hands-on activities designed forstudents from early elementary grades through high school. Lesson plans are fromthe Montana Office of Public Instruction, Indian Education For All, as well as institutions l ike The Smithsonian, The National Park Service, and The Montana Historical Society. Designed for classroom use for one or more weeks, the trunks are free to Park County educators, including homeschool teachers. Museum staff and volunteers are also available to aid teachers by giving a teaching trunk lesson in the classroom.

The Local Food and Medicine Cabinet trunk is an impressive show and tell of natiNative Plantsve Montana plants. Park High School students collected fifteen specimens from the area around historic Fort Parker, east of Livingston, and carefully preserved them. Students learn how native peoples used the plants for food or medicine. Click here to view the trunk’s Plant Resources. 



LithicsThe Tools of the Trade trunk explores handmade tools that were used in early Native American cultures, and includes beautiful stone tool displays created by local flint knapper Ray Alt. Students can handle replicas of traditional tools and explore how native peoples used the bison for food, clothing, jewelry, and more. Click here to view the trunk’s Lithic Resources. 



Sense of PlaceThe Pack your Bags and Travel through Montana trunk helps students discover their history through the use of topographical maps. The collection highlights Montana’s seven reservations and many tribes. It also explores the Livingston area, “The Great Bend of the Yellowstone,” throughout time and with stories. Click here to view the trunk’s Maps Resources.


Past, Present and FutureThe Step into a Native American Closet trunk includes hands-on examples of the fashions and fabrics of Montana’s local tribes. In the Gallery of the Past, students view postcards that feature American Indian people, their lands, animals, and culture. Click here to view the trunk’s Historic Photo Resources. Each trunk includes a resource notebook and a CD that has links to online lesson plans, aiding with curriculum development. Books, photographs, and objects support each theme, making the trunks an interesting and fun resource.


To Checkout a Teaching Trunk: Check the availability on the calendar. If the trunk is available, contact the Museum to schedule a pick up or with any questions. Please use this calendar to see who will have a teaching trunk before or after your checkout. Coordinate with other educators to reduce the cost of shipping. In order to check out a teaching trunk, please use the form below to send an email to the museum, or Contact Us with any questions. Thanks!

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